Instant Pot Chipotle Maple Baked Beans

Baked beans early fall dinner

The internet claims it is currently soup szn, but I am here to say that it’s actually bean season. Technically neither or wrong, but one is more correct that the other. Like how it’s not wrong to say that mashed potatoes are good but it is more accurate to say French fries are good.

Beans are the coziest of foods. I love them simply in their own broth with lots of olive oil, and I love this smokey-spicy-sweet baked bean variation. The Instant Pot makes beans such a breeze to make.

Ingredients for chipotle maple Instant Pot baked beans

I know baked beans are typically seen in July as a side to hot dogs, but I love them as the main dish. Paired with good bread, apple slices, and maybe some sharp cheddar, it’s such a perfect fall meal. Instant Pot baked beans are a perfect fall meal solution when I have like, eight fall sport practices a week to coordinate.

If you are like “Meleyna! You have already given us the recipe for these beans!” you would be correct. This exists as a slow cooker recipe elsewhere on the site. But! Now you can have Instant Pot baked beans, which is what the people want. More beans, faster. Ok yes!

Before and after Instant Pot baked beans

No soaking required here, the dried beans just bubble together in their chile and maple spiked tomato bath. The cooking liquid is higher in acid, which means a cook time that’s longer than typical for pressure cooker bean cookery. So while it isn’t a huge time savings compared to cooking soaked beans on the stovetop, it’s hands-off. That counts for a lot in my book when I have a ton of running around to do in the afternoon.

A pound of dried beans makes a lot. Freeze half for later, or just eat them all week. Leftovers pack up beautifully in a Thermos for school lunch on a chilly fall day. Eat them together with soft scrambled eggs, or poach an egg right in the bean pot, shakshuka style.

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